Responsible Gaming
  • Our Company offers safe and fun gaming choices for adults. Playing different games or bets can be both fun and beneficial. But playing these games might not give you success all the time. As a matter ofcourse losing is a part of these games and it might be good to be prepared for this when placing a bet. Do not forget that these games are fun purposes only and a certain source of income should not be expected. It is also our purpose to warn our customers about losses while we are aiming to make sure that you are having fun.

  • Please avoid to spend amount of money to damage your family budget. Please get help if you get critisim from your family and friends about the budget you reserve for gaming or the time that you spend for gaming.

  • Try to give yourself reasonable winning and losing limits when placing a bet or playing games. Try to spread on effort to follow these limits.

  • Try not to exaggerate the budget you reserved or borrow money for placing bet or playing games.

  • Please consider your mood when playing games. Try to avoid playing games when you are nervous, stressed, sleepless or depressed. Please make sure you lost the efficiency if you had alcohol or you are under medication.

  • It is not legal to create an account in our websites or placing a bet for anyone aged under 18. We might ask for official proof of I.D if it’s needed. We might freeze the accounts in this time period and close the account if we don’t receive the official documents.

  • You can contact with our live support if you think that you are playing too much and losing control when placing a bet or stop playing for a while or to freeze your accounts.

  • You can use child filter or website blocker applications which created for protecting children from harmful websites if you think your children should not access these websites. Please do not storage your personal information, credit card information, usernames and passwords If you share your personal computer with anyone under 18.